Diễn Viên Cassidy Klein

Cassidy Klein

Spunky petite brunette Cassidy Klein says she uses shooting porn as an outlet for her insatiable sexuality. With more energy than a AA battery, this longtime bookworm spent years as a ballerina and a nanny before seeking out a career with more vertical growth. Knowing those small tits were meant to do big things, Cassidy got her cute little ass out of the library and into a steamy assortment of sexy scenes alongside the biggest dicks and tightest pussies in the industry. Just as accomplished on a paddleboard as she is on a rock-hard dick, this tiny hottie keeps her tight ass fit on the regular. All that hard work paid off, winning Cassidy an XBIZ award in 2017. There is no slowing down this adorable cock-worshiping beauty's quest for porn greatness!

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